Fundraising Coaching Session Held

The Save the Northfield Depot steering committee engaged national communications and fundraising strategist and trainer Lori L. Jacobwith to share her expertise on running successful fundraising campaigns.

“I believe fundraising can be accomplished with ease and genuine joy. My work empowers you and your team to raise more money….we can work together to make the most of your fundraising activities,” said Lori.

During the session, steering committee and sub-committee members learned how to:

  • Increase outcomes by creating clear, specific measurable
  • Do more of what’s working and stop doing what’s not
  • Share what’s in your heart with those who can help you accomplish your mission
  • Lose your fear of working with and talking about money
  • Revitalize the commitment to our organization’s core mission
  • Passionately share the message of that mission with supporters
  • Fundraise with ease and joy

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