City Council Approves Land Purchase Agreement

We have the land for the depot reserved! On Tuesday, March 20, the City Council approved the purchase agreement to sell city land on the Q-Block for $1. We can move the building there as soon as we raise Phase I costs of approximately $300,000 ($293,550 projected) for the move and restoration.

A condition of the agreement is that we must show the City sufficient fund-raising progress in 18 months and raise the total amount in three years for transfer of the land. The city retains ownership of the property until we raise $300,000.

Last week, the Planning Commission reviewed our plans as is required by state law for the transfer of city land and determined that they were consistent with the Northfield Comprehensive Plan. The Commission sent a memo to the City Council indicating this when the Council considered their agreement with Save the Northfield Depot on the transfer of land. We will return to the Planning Commission in the future for necessary variances from the Land Development Code.

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