Depot Likely to be Moved This Year

“You remind me of the little engine that could” was a remark made to Save the Northfield Depot after the City Council meeting last week. The depot project is slowly, but surely making progress towards a likely move of the depot this year.

The Council recently approved a request from the group to lower the amount from $293,550 to $228,550 for the funds that needed to be raised before the depot can be moved. The lower amount will cover all items in the budget except $65,000 for interior renovation for which Save the Northfield Depot hopes to obtain grant money.

“There are currently grants available,” explained Alice Thomas, a depot board member, at the Council meeting, “for which we do not qualify because we do not own the building; and we can’t own the building—a stipulation of the railroad—until we move it from the property; and we can’t move it from the property—a stipulation in the city agreement—until we have raised enough money for the move and renovation as specified in the earlier agreement, i.e., $293,500.”

“The decision by the City Council makes it very likely that we’ll be able to move the depot this summer or early fall,” noted Rob Martin, co-chair of the depot board. He reported that the design and build committee is now busy with preparations for the move. With the approved the $228,550 figure and the $193,000 currently raised, the depot could be moved once an additional $35,550 is raised.

“We are pleased with the fundraising, particularly considering the many other worthy projects currently conducting fund drives,” reported Lynn Vincent, fellow co-chair of the depot board.

Recent major donations for the project have come from the Northfield Rotary (pictured above), the Northfield Garden Club, and donations still being made in the memory of architect Steve Edwins, a founding board member of Save the Northfield Depot.

In reporting the $5,000 Rotary grant, Matthew Rich, President of the Rotary Club, noted that “Northfield Rotary has a rich history of supporting bold and ambitious local projects…For these reasons, Save the Northfield Depot is a natural fit for us. It’s a chance for our community and our club to save an important piece of Northfield history and leave an enduring legacy…it’s another Rotary investment in this community’s future.”

Rotary Club donation
Barry Carlson, Rotary Club Officer, presented the $5,000 grant check to Rob Martin, co-chair of Save the Northfield Depot at a recent Rotary meeting.

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