Depot Prepared for Move and S’more Event Rescheduled

Construction crews finished their work to prepare the 1888 depot for the movers. They have:

  • separated the 1888 depot building from the 1944 addition that cannot be moved (roof, concrete floor, brick walls, and concrete steps)
  • rebuilt the south wall of the building which was removed in 1944 (bricks will be added after move)
  • removed the stationmaster’s bay that was added in 1944 that replaced the original 1888 bay (the 1888 bay will be reconstructed after the move)
  • secured baggage room bump-out by bolting reinforcement boards onto walls
Securing baggage room bump-out
Securing baggage room bump-out
  • agreed to move the pallets of bricks to the new site that were reclaimed and stacked by volunteers
  • placed a water runoff membrane on the new site in preparation for digging the basement
  • capped old water mains near the 2nd St. and 3rd St. entrances to the new site

The moving company made openings in the foundation for the steel beams to be used in the move (see photo below). Loading the depot building onto the moving truck is expected to take about two weeks. View more photos online of the move/construction progress.

Openings made in the foundation
Openings made in the foundation for the steel beams

S’mores Fundraising Event Rescheduled for Dec. 10

The S’mores fundraising event, originally scheduled on Give to the Max Day but cancelled because of weather, will be held in the Bridge Square area (along side Neuger Communications) during Winter Walk on December 10 from 5-9 p.m.

Shoppers will be warmed by the fire pit as well as the warm s’mores. With a suggested $5 donation, contributors will enjoy a real s’more and have the satisfaction of knowing they have helped with the next step of the project after the move; i.e., exterior repair of the 1888 depot which must be made immediately: replacement of windows and doors, adding bricks to the south wall, and rebuilding the station master’s bay.

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