The Depot Is Moving: Watch Media for Announcement of Exact Date

Exciting news! The 1888 depot will be saved, and it is almost ready to move! Save the Northfield Depot is delighted to announce that the depot is expected to make the short trip across 3rd Street sometime next week. The public will be notified in advance so that the community can watch and celebrate their success in saving the depot.

Despite the December rains and snow, work has continued for the preparation of the move. Early in November, construction workers separated the 1888 depot building from the 1944 addition (which cannot be moved). A certified specialist removed asbestos in the ceiling of a portion of the addition. Subsequently, the south wall of the depot (removed in 1944) was rebuilt, the baggage room walls reinforced, and the 1944 station master’s bay removed since it could not survive the move. Save the Northfield Depot has posted regular photo updates of the construction progress.

The moving company recently inserted beams into the depot foundation and loaded the depot onto the platform of the moving truck. The wheels of the moving platform are currently in the “hole” ― the six-foot crawl space below the depot on the current site. The movers report that they will pull the depot up out of that hole early next week. This will be done very slowly since it results in greater stress on the building than the later horizontal move across the street. The depot will remain on the moving truck platform at the current site at ground level until the move.

On the future site now owned by Save the Northfield Depot, the water-runoff membrane is now placed and the old water mains capped. The excavation for the future basement was also completed, allowing for the concrete footings to be poured this week just as the snowstorm started. These footings are on a layer of limestone that is deep enough to allow for a basement in the depot

Next week, the moving truck will maneuvere the depot into place, and the building will be cribbed, or suspended, above the future basement waiting for the basement walls to be poured. Once this occurs and the cement is ready, the depot will be lowered onto the concrete walls.

Notification of the move date will be sent via email to those who have subscribed to Save the Northfield Depot’s e-newsletter, posted here and on social media, and sent to other local and state media. The move to get the depot safely across the street and into position will be a slow process.

Save the Northfield Depot is currently raising funds for the renovation of the interior and some exterior repairs. Future work will be completed as funds and in-kind materials and labor are available.

  • Checks can be mailed to Save the Northfield Depot, 712 4th St. E, Northfield, MN 55057.
  • Online donations can be made with a credit or debit card on our GiveMN page.

The generous donations from community members made this move possible ― a holiday gift from all the donors to our community. Save the Northfield Depot invites the community to join the celebration of your achievement.

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