End-of-year Progress Update

Save the Northfield Depot extends our deep appreciation to all who have contributed their time, money, and skills to achieve the progress made since our October report (see below, you can click on the photo to see a larger version). Thank you!

The goals for next year are to finish the exterior and interior renovation for occupancy and install the sculpture garden.

North and West (track) Sides

Station master bay has been framed-in and is now ready for windows, which have been ordered using the funds we raised from the Garrison Keiller event in September. Volunteers have painted the depot’s eaves and brackets on the west and north sides (after first removing the old paint and sanding the surfaces).

Painted eaves and brackets


The stonework has recently started. Ken Stenzel of K&C Construction has begun laying the limestone facing on the foundation. The limestone came from the original foundation and was cut by volunteers so it can be applied to the surface of the new concrete foundation retaining the original appearance.

Ken Stenzel laying limestone facing on the foundation
limestone facing

Donation from Union Pacific Railways

We recently received a $5,000 donation from Union Pacific Railways (UP). Liisa Stark of UP presented the check to us at the Nov. 15 City Council meeting. She commented on the project’s vision for a valuable community resource and significant level of community collaboration, including the City that provided the property for an appropriate location of the depot. The Northfield News wrote a very nice article; here is a short excerpt:

“Union Pacific became aware of STND [Save the Northfield Depot] via their grant application that had been submitted to the foundation,” Stark said before the council meeting. “I decided to come, make a visit, learn a little bit more about what the project is. I met with (Communications Director) Alice Thomas, and I was then able to learn about the history of the project, the importance to the community.”

She and her supervisors were apparently so impressed that they decided to use some of the extra dollars from the 2016 funding year and hand it over to Save the Northfield Depot as an early gift. Save the Northfield Depot is still eligible for the $3,000 grant it applied for, as UP will make determinations in spring 2017.

Sculpture Garden

sculpture garden rendering

A landscape planner donated time this year to create plans for the sculpture garden that includes plantings, two sculptures donated by private individuals, and a water feature (see image below).

And we are also pleased to announce that you have the opportunity to permanently show your support the depot project through our “Paving Our Way From the Past to the Future” engraved paver sale, which will begin in December and go through next spring. Watch for notices about how to place an order. Next summer, the pavers will be placed in the sculpture garden or in one of the pathways.

Just in Time for the Holidays

Having a hard time finding that perfect gift for special family members and friends? An engraved paver is one that will not only honor your recipient but also support a great community project.

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