Board of Directors in 2014

Board of Directors

The board of directors’ goal is to prevent the demolition of the depot by identifying a location, owner(s), and user(s) to assure its existence as part of our heritage. Tasks include the following:

  • gather ideas of potential sites and uses from public
  • analyze preferred sites for availability and costs
  • develop depot use applicable for preferred sites
  • select preferred site
  • explore level of commitment and details of use with those businesses and organizations expressing interest in using depot
  • continue communications and negotiations with Canadian Pacific Railroad
  • continue communications with City of Northfield and appropriate city boards and committees
  • solicit collaboration with surrounding landowners
  • negotiate with land owner(s) of selected site
  • obtain commitment from community organizations and/or businesses
  • provide oversight of committees

Board Members

The board members are listed below along with their office and/or the committee they facilitate, if applicable.

  • Rob Martin, Chair
  • Clark Webster, Treasurer
  • Judy Code, Fundraising Events Chair
  • Alice Thomas, Secretary & Communications Chair
  • Baird Jarman, Renovation Advisor
  • Pepe Kryzda, Architectural Advisor