rendering of depot with pavilion and transit hub

Mission and Vision

The mission of Save the Northfield Depot is to rescue and restore the Northfield depot through communicating its historical significance and identifying a new location, owner(s), and user(s) in order to retain an important part of our heritage.

The vision of Save the Northfield Depot is to secure and restore the depot; the additional features in the 1917 Plan (pavilion and baggage house) will be added; and the depot will serve as a visitors’ attraction and a gathering place for the community.

Save the Northfield Depot is committed to:

  • Historic Preservation: protecting and preserving a key part of the Northfield heritage and pride of place
  • Beautification: assuring the depot is appropriately maintained, free of blight, and a visual asset to the community
  • Economic Development: providing a catalyst to the economic development in the city
  • Education: educating the current and future generations about the rich history and role of the railroads and the depot in Northfield
  • Building Community: providing community gathering places to promote opportunities for social interaction and public events
  • Sustainability: reusing existing buildings as a responsible use of our resources