1888 depot at sunset

Fundraising Goals

Save the Northfield Depot has a campaign goal of $730,000 for the total project, which includes a rehabilitated depot for use, attached pavilion, and adjacent sculpture garden. We are two-thirds of the way there that’s to the support of local community.

This represents an increase since the initial projection in 2010 due to higher bids in the current context of increased construction and the related demand for materials and labor.

The projected work and funds needed for each stage of the depot rehabilitation, construction of the pavilion, and completion of the grounds are listed below. The list is extensive but not exhaustive; some of the work will be completed by volunteers. Donations of needed time and/or materials are identified under Provide Goods or Services.

Move & Initial Repairs ($301K)

The first and most crucial goal has been met ― moving and saving the depot. Save the Northfield Depot must now raise additional funds to assure the depot’s preservation and full completion of the envisioned complex.

On 1888 site:

  • separate depot from 1944 addition COMPLETED
  • remove asbestos from 1944 addition COMPLETED
  • prepare 1888 for move (restore south wall removed in 1944 addition; remove station master’s station added in 1944; separate depot from 1944 concrete steps; stabilize for move) COMPLETED
  • move the depot COMPLETED
  • remove remaining 1944 addition COMPLETED
  • remove foundation and add fill COMPLETED

On new site BEFORE move:

  • cap water lines near 2nd and 3rd Streets COMPLETED
  • excavate for basement COMPLETED
  • install stormwater drain pipes and link to City stormwater system COMPLETED

On new site AFTER move:

  • build basement walls COMPLETED
  • replace missing roof on south side COMPLETED
  • install 10 basement windows COMPLETED

Renovate Exterior (+ $150 K = $451K)

  • add brick to restored south wall and to the west side of the opening made for 1944 station master’s bay COMPLETED
  • restore 1888 station master’s bay in original location COMPLETED
  • restore two door openings on west side that were made into windows in 1944 COMPLETED
  • add handicapped accessible double door on north side COMPLETED
  • replace/install 13 windows COMPLETED
  • build exterior stairs to basement COMPLETED
  • install recreated brackets on the south side COMPLETED
  • add iron filigree to roof line (canceled due to lightning risk of the metal cresting)

Renovate Interior (+ $65K = $516K)

On first floor:

  • insulate walls COMPLETED
  • repair woodwork, walls, and ceilings COMPLETED
  • install plumbing, heating, electricity, flooring, stairs, light fixtures, and bathroom fixtures COMPLETED
  • build interior stairs COMPLETED
  • install drywall in new south wall COMPLETED

In basement:

  • add insulation
  • install flooring and lighting
  • frame in furnace room and bathroom COMPLETED
  • add bathroom fixtures

Driveway, Parking, Sidewalks (+ $100K = $616K)

[This stage was funded in collaboration with the City of Northfield.]

Add driveway, parking, and sidewalk (between 2nd and 3rd streets) COMPLETED

Pavilion (+ $50K = $666K)

[This structure is now included in the Transit Hub project of the City of Northfield to begin Summer 2022.]

  • grade for pavilion
  • build concrete base for pavilion with handicapped ramp
  • build roof and pillars for pavilion
  • install lighting

Landscaping (+ $64K = $730K)

  • grade for sculpture garden COMPLETED
  • plant flowers, shrubs, and trees COMPLETED
  • install limestone wall, benches, and bases for sculptures COMPLETED
  • add sculpture, lighting and columns to garden COMPLETED