Alan Alberg

Alan Alberg grew up in St. Paul, but his first encounter with the depot and Northfield trains was as a passenger traveling by train for his military service. He later returned in 1946 as a student at St. Olaf College where he met his wife. Alan provides his reflections about the railroad as a student and his insights about the role of the railroad in local businesses and on the proposed site for the depot.

College after World War II

Alan Alberg talks about going to college after World War II, students at the depot, and how he ended up attending St. Olaf College.

Horses and the Railroad Tracks

Alan Alberg tells how his team of horses barely reacted to the steam whistle at the local creamery, but were afraid of crossing the railroad tracks.

Living along the Track

Alan Alberg talks about living on a farm along the railroad tracks when he was a student. Before St. Olaf College brought the property, the farm’s former owner got train service almost to his doorstep.

Remembering the City’s Heritage

Alan Alberg talks about how the 2nd and 5th street bridges framed the north and south side of Northfield in the early days. Much of the town could be seen from site on the Q-block here the 1888 depot will be moved, serving as a fitting homage to the city’s heritage.

Traveling Salesmen

Alan Alberg describes how traveling salesmen would come to town by train to show their wares to local merchants by setting up in showrooms in the local hotel (now known as the Archer House).

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