Elvin and Corrine Heiberg

Elvin Heiberg has been a long-time resident of Northfield. He grew up in Northfield where his father was a dentist. He attended St. Olaf College and obtained his B.S. and D.D.S. from the University of Minnesota. Elvin served in the U.S. Army from 1957 to 1960, was stationed in Germany, and returned to Northfield to practice dentistry in a partnership with his father.

Corrine Heiberg was a long-time resident of Northfield. She attended Gustavus Adolphus College and graduated from the University of Minnesota. She died in 2017.

Bringing a casket home for burial

In 1951, Elvin Heiberg’s grandmother died staying with her daughter in New York State. That that time, it was necessary for another person to accompany the casket as it was transported by train. The Rock Island Rocket made a special stop in Northfield to drop off Elvin’s aunt and his grandmother’s casket.

First train ride

Elvin Heiberg fondly remembers his first train ride from Northfield to Minneapolis and back again.

Getting around before cars

Elvin Heiberg talks about how his father traveled to work and graduate school using trains in the time before most people owned their own car.

National Guard departure

In 1950, the Northfield National Guard was activated. Elvin Heiberg marched in his high school band from the high school to the train depot to give the troops a send off. The band played until the train arrived and departed.

Train party

Corrine Heiberg talks about how her family arranged a birthday “train party” in 1961 for their sons. Her family and some friends travelled by from Northfield to Faribault by train on one of the last passenger trains out of Northfield. For some of their friends, it was their first experience on a train

Whistlestop by President Taft

When Elvin Heiberg’s mother was 14 years old, President Taft made a whistlestop at the Northfield depot. His mother was selected to give a bouquet of roses to the president.

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