Robert Will

Robert (Bob) Will first came to Northfield to attend Carleton College in 1946 on the G.I Bill. After attending graduate school, he returned to Northfield in 1957 to teach at Carleton, retiring in 1993. His trip to Northfield to enter college was the first of many that used the railroad between his home in Wisconsin and Northfield. His stories reflect his interest in history and his use of the Northfield railroad depot and train during his student days at Carleton.

Carleton College Arrivals and Departures

Bob Will talks about being a student traveling to and from Carleton College by train. He also identifies as new use for suitcases.

College Students and Laundry Boxes

Before there were washers and dryers in college dorms, students sent their dirty clothing home to mom in laundry boxes via the post office, which loaded them onto the train. Bob Will talks about his experience of sending his laundry home while he was a student at Carleton College after World War II.

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