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What People Are Saying

We are honored and humbled by what people have said about our efforts the save, restore, and reuse the 1888 depot. Here are a few.

“Northfield depot is an excellent example of local vernacular architecture and a beautiful historic building. We are pleased to help raise funds for the continuing efforts to restore and preserve this Northfield landmark.”
Jeremy Baer, Principal, TEKTON Engineering
Sep. 24, 2018

“We were so very impressed with your good work and commitment to preserve the building.”
Rolf Anderson, President, Minnesota Society of Architectural Historians
Oct. 20, 2018

“Union Pacific became aware of Save the Northfield Depot via their grant application that had been submitted to the foundation . . . I decided to come, make a visit, learn a little bit more about what the project is . . . One of the most difficult things is that long-term funding piece . . . Having the leadership to make that happen, and the vision, is the difference in my experience.”
Liisa Stark, Assistant Vice President of Public Affairs, Union Pacific Railways
Nov. 15, 2016

“We are very excited to have a fantastic historic building saved, preserved and repurposed for the next century . . . We are excited that we have people here who have stepped up to do that. It offers us another tourist attraction and another point of destination that makes this town very unique and special.”
Todd Bornhauser, President, Northfield Chamber of Commerce
Oct. 9, 2015, groundbreaking ceremony

“The depot project will also help accomplish the goals of strategic development, reduce blight and promote the preservation of a key community facility.”
Dana Graham, Mayor, City of Northfield
Oct. 9, 2015, groundbreaking ceremony

“Northfield obviously has a history with railroads that most cities don’t have. I think in Northfield, the station would have more appeal than average.”
Dante Stephensen, Carleton College alumnus
April 7, 2015