building the foundation


Building the Foundation

Work on the new foundation and basement began immediately after the depot was slid onto foundation supports. Within a month, it was ready for the depot to be lowered onto it.

Backfilling Soil Around the Foundation

Once the base of foundation was in place, soil was backfilled and packed down around the depot.

Demolition of Roofless Building Beside the Depot

The railroad demolished the white roofless building behind the depot.

Lowering the Depot onto the Foundation Walls

On February 7, 2016, the depot was lowered and its weight placed on the foundation walls.

Removing the Support Beams

The beams placed underneath the depot for the move were pulled out the day after the depot was lowered onto its new foundation.

Pouring the Concrete Basement Floor

With the depot lowered, concrete could be poured for the basement floor.

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