inserting steel beams into foundation

Move Preparation

Work to prepare for the depot’s move began in 2015, both on the structure of the depot itself and on the new site across the street on the Q-block.

Removing Trees on New Site

In October 2015, a crew of volunteers removed about 60 trees along the west side of the property that had grown up near the roofless building. The trees needed to be removed before site work could begin. Eight full loads were taken to the city compost site and the larger wood was stacked and later sold. The contractor requested that the stumps be left at five to six feet so they could tear the roots out with large machinery.

Removing an Old Water Main on the New Site

Separating the Depot from 1944 Addition

Because of the way the addition was constructed, it was not able to be moved, but the bricks and limestone were salvaged for use on the depot renovation.

Inserting Steel Beams into the Foundation

The steel beams were slid into the foundation to stabilize the depot when it it lifted off the original foundation and moved to the new site.

Building the Foundation Footings on the New Site 

A hole for the basement was dug and the foundation footings poured on the new site so the depot could be set down once it was moved.

Moving the Depot off its Original Foundation

The depot was lifted and moved off its original foundation a few days before the scheduled move across the street.